Session #3 “The Butler Did It”

The mercenary mechwarriors of the Black Jack company is a unruly bunch, and spends much time out in the rougher parts of Port Zimmerman. Occasional attacks from rebel sympathizers are seen as part of the job and the mercs are determined to not let this ruin their fun, the occasional mortar attack on the base or stabbing in the bar is met with  swift retribution then a return to business as normal.

Having made some friends amongst the locals a group of mercenaries were drawn into a kidnapping drama that involved an important family, fearing that rebels might be involved and that the police force was compromised they approached the mercenaries for help. The bored mechwarriors agreed and began investigating in their own peculiar way.

The kidnapped person was a disabled teenage boy who had been grabbed in the parking garage of a school when the family butler was picking him up. Limited CCTV tapes showed the suspects leaving the garage in a unmarked car carrying stolen license plates wich was determined after bribing a police officer for some help with the research.

The family was well off and known to sympathize with the goverment, so they feared that it was politically motivated, a ransom note had appeared and they were willing to pay but wanted to make sure it would not just mean that the kidnappers killed their captive and ran off. Questioning the family and the butler yielded few clues, but some found the butler to be suspicious and they decided to do some legwork. Breaking and entering the butlers home came up with nothing, so the mercs launched a campaign of heavy drinking and gambling mixed with investigations of the crime scene, trying to trail the ransom notes origin and sleazing it up with the criminals of the city.

This unorthodox method finally yielded some results when they caught wind of a small criminal group that had disappeared from the area around the same time as the kidnapping. They cornered some affiliates of the gang and gunned them down in a short firefight in a construction site, brutally interrogating them in order to gain any useful info.

The execution of some prisoners made the remainder reconsider their position and they gave up the location of one hideout where the suspects were known to hang out. In a drunken rampange the mercenaries stormed the place, encountering the criminals and killing them in a intense firefight. The kidnapped youngster was recovered, and the mercenaries asserted to the family butler that the criminals had no political ties and the choice of victim had been more or less random. He nodded and thanked them for the help, then immediatly emptied his bank account and left town on urgent business elsewhere, disappearing without a trace.

The surprised mercenaries realized that the butler had in fact orchestrated the whole thing, he had amassed a great gambling debt with the criminal gang and had devised the kidnapping plan to settle the score. The entire investigation was a total mess that had accidentally led to success, but at least the mercenaries had learned a valuable lesson, always suspect the butler and don´t try to solve crime with a crew of constantly drunk psychopaths.


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