Session #4 “Operation Broomhandle”

The great number of prisoner captured in operation Blackbeard led to Kurita  locating the main rebel base in the river delta. They sent out recon planes to confirm and discovered that the rebels were evacuating the base, to prevent this they immediatly sent in an airstrike wich set fire to the oil depot but was met with AA fire wich prevented further attacks. The air was redirected to focus on destroying fleeing boats upriver, and the Kuritan commander turned to the Black Jacks for assistance.

The mercenaries were upgrading their base defences when the call came, but they responded swiftly and efficiently, calling in their dropship from HQ at Fort Irina to enable an immediate airborne deployment of the company. All eleven Battlemechs embarked and with them were four two-man teams from Delta squad to parachute down in different sectors to provide some recon.

The company dropped in three sectors, to cut off the northern retreat and to assault the base, Lieutenant Wellington prepared the drop by zooming in with her Shilone, dropping a carpet of napalm bombs in the forests north of the base, setting it aflame and further delaying retrating troops. Her fighterbomber took some flak but only suffered minor damage and she retired to high altitude in reserve.

The fire lance recieved the task to push into the base from the southwest, and immediatly got into a fight as they dropped close to a AA battery. The recon team from delta had the misfortune of parachuting down straight on top of the enemy position, and private Costas, who had only the day before wrestled the company boxing champion title from Shiv, was killed by small arms fire while descending. Mechwarrior Leif rushed the AA battery in his Firestarter, kicking the guns over and scorching the crew with his flamers, and so the position was silenced. The fire lance split into two teams and advanced, the command team advanced along the river to the base, encountering a minefield wich they traversed with only minor damage. It consisted of Lieutenant Wehmeyer, second in command of the Black Jacks, in a Withworth, Lillian “Princess” in her Catapult and Rocky Mendoza in his Stinger. The manuever team consisting of Leif in his Firestarter Louis “Crazy Horse” in his Shadow Hawk swung northward, setting a screen of fire behind them to encirle the enemy.

The command team encountered the enemy first, Rocky spotted a enemy vehicle on a hilltop on the other side of the river, and the team advanced on it, taking potshots at it. Princess decided to end it in one salvo, firing all missile launchers in one big salvo at maxium range, but failed to properly lock on before firing, leading to several missiles going off course and locking on the closest target, Rockys Stinger wich was closing witht the target. The light mech was heavily damaged and Rocky filled the radio net with curses and threats directed to Lillian, calling into question her claims to descending from human parents and not monkeys. When they came closer the enemy opened up a barrage of tracer fire, spraying the forest around them but scoring precious few hits. They identified it as a Partisan heavy AA tank and realized they had underestimated the foe, and a deadly fight ensued. Rocky kept moving at maximum speed, desperatly trying to dodge the heavy fire, and the long range mechs kept raining down missiles on the Partisan. The mercenaries were not aware that the tank had long since broken down due to lack of maintenance and was immobile, acting as a pillbox, but in any case it was too big a threat to ignore. Princess kept it busy while Rocky and Wehmeyer engaged a group of light vehicles wich attempted to close with them. They destroyed them in rapid succession, forcing the survivors to flee back to the buildings blanketed by the thick black smoke from the burning oil depot.

Finally the Partisan was destroyed in a crossfire of missiles and lasers, and the command team  continued their advance. Meanwhile, the manuever team had entered the base further north and detected three enemy Battlemechs approaching. Leif used his jump jets to traverse a ridge and assault the closest one from point blank range, but discovered that there was a fourth enemy mech nearby wich he had not detected, forcing him to retreat after a short fight. His second jump landed him next to a small building, in wich a platoon of rebel infantry was hiding. They immediatly opened fire with a volley of RPGs, scoring several hits but not knocking him out. The Firestarter sprayed the house with napalm from its flamers and started kicking the burning walls in, when a rivercraft approached along a river and opened fire. Leif again jumped out of danger, landing in deeper water near a freighter moored to the dockside, but his landing was less than perfect, causing him to topple over into the water. Luckily no major flooding occured and he managed to stand up, rising from the water to discover that the rivercraft had moved away. In frustration he turned his flamers on the freighter, setting it ablaze. As he waded ashore the freighter began exploding behind him, its cargo of fuel and ammunition detonating in rapid succession.


The battlefield was filled with flame and smoke now, and the fire lance was scattered over the base. Rocky advanced to a building with a helicopter parked next to it, coming under fire from infantry in the house. His only operational weapon was a single machine gun so he rushed the house, smashing the helicopter with a well placed kick and punching the house before jumping back to avoid return fire and sprayed the house with bullets. Using his speakers he commanded the rebels to surrender or die, and the demoralized infantry promptly gave up.

Meanwhile Louis, Wehmeyer and Lillian were duking it out with the enemy Battlemechs, heavy fire crisscrossing the battlefield and both sides taking a pounding. The enemy Stinger was first to buckle, recieving major damage from long range missiles and retreating away from the battle. Lillian marked the enemy position with coloured smoke and called in the air support, and Wellington in her Shilone swooped down and delivered a devastating strafing run on the hostile Withworth before dropping more napalm on the enemy. The hostile Panther soon suffered engine damage, and sensing defeat, the rebel commander offered to surrender the Panther as booty to the mercenaries in return for the survivors being allowed to retreat. Wehmeyer, an old friend of the assassinated Yamamoto, was in no mood for this and shouting “Die rebel scum!” he ordered the fire lance to destroy the enemy. The crippled enemy machines were subjected to close range focused fire one by one and utterly destroyed.

With this the operation concluded, some enemies had succeded in escaping but a major blow had been dealt, the enemy base was destroyed and while there was precious little to salvage after the ruthless battle the mercenaries recieved a sizeable cash bonus from their happy Kuritan employers for showing the rebels the price for challenging the dragon.


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