Session #5 “Operation Clean Slate”

Some rebel forces who escaped the destruction of the primary base retreated to the south, into the delta. Kurita wants to clear the delta once and for all, and gathers a large force to accomplish this.  The plan is pretty simple, the rebels in the delta will be demoralized and with low supply and are unlikely to stand and fight. Thus light garrison forces can push up from the south and drive hostile remnants north to the main river, where a blocking force will be waiting to destroy anyone attempting to flee.

The Kuritans have assembled a mixed infantry battalion for the sweep, transported by a motley collection of rivercraft, commandeered civilian craft and helicopters and supported by the airforce. The Black Jacks split into four groups to support, a single mech and Delta squad remains to secure the base, the Command lance together with the airlifted artillery piece and the Karnov tilt-wing aircraft and Zulu squad as well as the Ferret helicopter form the blocking force. Assisting with the eastern sector sweep wich is expected to be less defended is the Recon lance minus one mech wich is detached to the Fire lance wich will support the western sweep in force.

The operation begins smoothly, some skirmishes and ambushes occur but in general the sweeping forces advance according to schedule, eliminating scattered rebel forces and chasing some north. Unknown to the mercenaries however, the rebel commander Ross who survived the destruction of his base, is still in the delta and has gathered as much force as he can to make a final stand against the mercenaries, hoping to get revenge rather than escaping. His plan is simple, a rebel infantry platoon is deployed in ambush to destroy the advance elements of the Kurita infantry sweep, then retreat. The Kuritans will likely follow, and thus be outflanked by more hidden rebel infantry. The encircled Kuritans are  bound to call in the Mechs, and the rebel decoy force will immediatly retreat east across a wooden bridge to another island, hoping to draw in the mercenaries. When they are crossing the water between the islands the “Beowulf”, a captured old Kuritan Monitor class vessel and the flagship of commander Ross, will reveal itself from its well camouflaged position and engage the enemies at close range, supported by several surviving rivercraft and the last operational helicopter.

The plan succeeds in that the Kuritan force is surrounded and calls for help, and when the Black Jacks rush to the rescue commander Ross charges in, guns blazing. Ignoring the danger of the heavy guns, Leif jump into close combat with the Beowulf, dousing it with flames and achieving a lucky hit wich stuns the crew, blinded by the flames and smoke. The river craft makes charge after charge at the mercenary mechs, inflicting some damage in trying to support their commander but they are unable to make the mercenaries retreat and their losses keeps mounting. The rebel infantry who is dug in attempts to help as well, but they lack enough long range weaponry to make any difference to the main battle on the water. The rebel helicopter appears but is immediatly destroyed by a missile salvo, and finally the ammunition store of the Beowulf is pierced by the heavy fire, detonating it and killing its crew and bringing an end to the dreams of revenge for commander Ross.

With the navy destroyed the remaining rebels surrender en masse, and the delta sweep is concluded 48 hours later, a resounding success.


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